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DOC1 Professional Consulting Services

DOC1 Professional Consulting Services
Our expertise in developing DOC1 applications allows B.L. Fletcher & Associates Inc. to offer an you expert alternative.

Working with the client on-site and at our own facilities, we are available to manage your complete DOC1 Document Development Project or to provide any necessary subset of expertise, including:

  • Developing application specifications and project plans
  • Developing new DOC1 ALE and PCE applications
  • Performing maintenance and modification to your existing DOC1 applications
  • Performing support and backup for your DOC1 development team
  • Providing application audits with enhancement recommendations


Once you have completed and implemented the DOC1 version of your flagship application, why not review additional documents that make sense to migrate to DOC1. This will help amortize your operating cost over a broader base of applications while at the same time improving your service offering to your internal and external customers.

Group1 recently released DOC1 Version 5. This version has a number of advantages over previous versions and it truly does make sense to move up to Version 5. Group1 strongly advises that any customers implementing Version 5 enroll in a Version 5 DOC1 class.

We believe that an expert level of skill is required to move your release 4 or previous applications to Version 5. B.L. Fletcher & Associates Inc. welcomes the opportunity to plan and execute this migration that ensures you do not end up maintaining two different versions of the product. Let us work with you to manage this migration, ensuring expert application development and skills transfer to your team that is oriented to your applications.

We have the expertise and the capability to help with any of your DOC1 needs.

For additional details, please contact us.


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